Jure Boršič – alto sax
Boštjan Simon – baritone / soprano sax
Francesco Ivone – trumpet
Aljaž Škrlep – guitar
Anton Lorenzutti – guitar
Matjaž Bajc – bass
Giorgio Pacorig – Rhodes / Korg MS-20
Žiga Ipavec – drums
Urban Kušar – drums


Jazz do Punk 07:59
Fellow Cuttie 08:34
Masturbator 11:14
Petajzl Ptjzal 07:12
Get the Fuck Out 11:06


Compositions: Koromač
Recording / Mix / Master: Marko Turel
Produced: Koromač & Jazz Cerkno Records
Graphic Design: Matjaž Bajc
Photo: Špela Lutman
Live at Jazz Cerkno logo: Milan Erič
Released by Jazz Cerkno Records in December 2019.
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.
The album Kontrapunk was recorded on the occasion of the band’s 10th anniversary at the 24th Jazz Cerkno festival on 17th May 2019. For this event, three additional musicians were invited to participate.

Koromač – Homebrewed Punk Jazz Heavy Booze

Just before the start of the 2020 the Jazz Cerkno Institute is sending a new album from the Live at Jazz Cerkno series towards your ears with quite a good measure of Slovenian jazz and off-jazz creativity. The thanks go to Koromač, a jazzcore band from Vrtojba (a small town near the Italian border), which celebrated its 10th anniversary at the 24th edition of Jazz Cerkno festival by playing and recording new songs live on stage with the extended line-up. You can now find these new songs on Kontrapunk (the album has been announced by single Get The Fuck Out), the Koromač’s second album (in 2015 they released Punk Enough?) which is at the same time the first standalone release by Jazz Cerkno Records. The album, which was released on December 27, 2019, in physical and download forms (you can buy both at https://jazzcerkno.bandcamp.com), will be presented by the same Koromač’s expanded line-up in Ljubljana’s Kino Šiška on Monday, February 17, 2020.

From the outset in 2009, the band has been combining radical genres of sharper guitar sound, such as hardcore, punk, metal or crust. In the recent years they added jazz and improvisation to their mix of noisy styles. The jazz elements were brought by sextet’s members who took part in the Zlatko Kaučič’s workshops. The initial line-up of the classic rock trio (vocal and guitar, bass, drums) has changed over the years and is now a sextet with two drummers and a saxophone. In preparing for performing at the 24th edition of the Jazz Cerkno Festival, the band decided to present new songs as well as the new sound, since saxophonist Boštjan Simon and two Italian musicians, trumpet player Francesco Ivone and Giorgio Pacorig on keyboards and synthesizers, joined the original sextet for the concert. In a festival review for the Glasna magazine, Tadej Stolič wrote about Koromač’s performance: “This time, the local and both foreign guests were leaning further into the field of improvised jazz and created a concert that quite shook up our personal understanding of the jazz idiom.”