Soundscape of Cerkno

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Between 2018 and 2020, at the Jazz Cerkno Festival we prepared sound recording workshops The Cerkno Sound Safari, which we designed with the veteran of experimental music Boštjan Perovšek. Now we have before us the final result of this multi-year project, the multimedia installation Soundscape of Cerkno, which we prepared in cooperation with Perovšek and OM Production. The installation will include sounds which Perovšek had recorded at the workshops, and visitors will be able to combine the sound of the installation themselves into their own soundtrack. At the sound safari Perovšek had recorded both the sounds of cultural heritage as well as the sounds of everyday life, both in the countryside and in the city, along with the festival pulse. Thus, the installation will now bring together a wide variety of sound sources, such as ambient sounds from the Divje babe cave, tuning the piano during a rehearsal, sounds from the festival backstage or the interior of the Franja Hospital, then the sounds of many handicrafts and farm chores (carpentry, basket weaving, blacksmithing, spinning wheel …), ringing of church bells, animals (bees, cows …) or the bubbling of a stream and the noise of traffic. To these recordings from previous workshops will be added recordings made in May this year (preparation of flax and weaving it, a horse-drawn wooden cart), as well as other sounds from Cerkno, from the festival, etc.


Boštjan Perovšek is active as musician, composer and sound spaces designer. He is known for electroacoustic music, and his specialty is bioacoustic music based on the sounds of animals, mostly insects. He also plays with the renowned experimental group SAETA and creates sound spaces for museum installations, for which he also received the honorary Valvasor Award for Outstanding Achievement, which is awarded by the Slovenian Museum Association. The visual part of the installation will be provided by the established visual collective OM Production, which has been operating since 1975 and combines the practices of avant-garde theaters, visual art practices, radio, photography, film, the written word and multimedia installations.