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27. Jazz Cerkno, May 19-21 2022

After two years of running the Jazz Cerkno festival at a different location and at a different time, the festival is returning to its May date and to its old venue at Star plac in the centre of Cerkno. It still in no way means that the 27th edition of the festival will be in the spirit of “old normality”. Neither of the words from this phrase, constantly repeated in the last two years, is consistent with jazz. Jazz is never “old” and it is not “normal”, at least not in Cerkno! As our regular visitors know, our festival offers an insight into ever-changing new jazz practices that break down barriers among genres, avoid conventions and establish new norms in “music making”. During ten concerts we will admire musicians from Slovenia and eight other countries, who skilfully add elements of various genres and approaches to jazz vocabulary. We will hear lyrical as well as free jazz, bold improvisations, vocal acrobatics, poetry, flirting with rock, electronics, classical music, and traditional music from Brazil and Ethiopia… For good measure, the accompanying program is quite refreshed this year. A series of no less than eight accompanying events consists of a workshop, a residency, both with a closing concert, a street concert, a jam session, a jazz hike with a concert, two round tables and a sound installation. All Slovenian bands will present their new albums at our festival, and all international musicians will present new bands and perform with them for the first time in Slovenia.

27. Jazz Cerkno again in May and again in the heart of the city. Sink your teeth into the essence of good music!

Organization and production:

Zavod Jazz Cerkno
Trg prekomorskih brigad 1
SI-5282 Cerkno, Slovenija
+386 (0)5 374 53 34

Program committee: Simon Kenda, Mario Batelić, Miha Zadnikar
Texts: Mario Batelić
Text proofreading: Mojca Mavri, Urška Lahajnar Ubajiogu
Design: Karlo Medjugorac, Loopa (3D), Andrej Juvan (DTP)
Sound system: L’Acoustics sound system by a-tri and Akustika BAHUN

Jazz Cerkno is a member of Europe Jazz Network.

The organizer holds the right to change the scheduled program.



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More about Jazz Cerkno festival

The main music event organised by Jazz Cerkno has been taking place annually in mid-May since 1996 (between Thursday and Saturday). The festival venue is the square “star plac” in the centre of Cerkno. Three evenings of programme present various musicians and artists from all over the world, established and unknown, all of them united in finding new ways in jazz music and thus widening their horizons. The festival as such is important not only for the musical challenges and pleasures it grants, but also for representing the current trends in jazz music in general. Jazz, heard in Cerkno is never unambiguous, because the programme emphasises the unconventional and creative music, the collision of cultures and music practices, confrontation of various approaches where jazz often comes across other music forms and assumes different elements from them.

Rock, electronic music, modern and old classical music, experimental music, various traditional types of music and much more: all of it can be found in various combinations with jazz as such in the motley programme of the Jazz Cerkno festival. It is never self-limited by genre purity or orthodoxy. Special attention is paid to Slovene musicians and many bands or musicians had their first project presentation in front of the public in Cerkno. The same is true for foreign musicians who expanded the sonority limits and tore down the boundaries among genre and other conventions. All Jazz Cerkno festival concerts are exclusive in Slovenia. The festival programme is enriched by various workshops, exhibitions and similar event. The festival is also well known for its lively after-party.