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Bar Pr’ Gabrijelu has been a culture and music venue since it opened in 1995. Its beginning base on the fact that Cerkno had no music events as such and no place for them either. Beside organising individual concerts, the first festivals were arranged soon after it started paving its way into what they are nowadays. The direct heritage of the first attempts is the festivals Jazz Cerkno and Keltika.

Bar Pr’ Gabrijelu has been an active and recognised member of the Slovene club scene, mostly due to the regular concert programme of (alter) rock music. Even though the stage in the bar is mainly intended for Slovene bands, several foreign bands have appeared on it. Mostly it’s bands that play rock music reaching beyond the established frames. Concerts in the bar thus offer the public an overview of the contemporary trends on the independent Slovene rock scene as well as loud entertaining evenings.