Jazz Cerkno Institute in co-production with Idrija Movie Theatre starts a series of movies about music named PAGLEJ, which will feature both documentary and feature movies that illuminate less well-known music practices or throw a new light on already known sound phenomena.

The introductory film Šum Balkana comes from Slovenia and follows our prominent double bass player, composer, organiser of numerous musical and multimedia events and improviser Tomaž Grom on his travels across the Balkans. Accompanied with a team of cameramen and technicians, Grom has travelled to different cities of the former Yugoslavia (and also Albania, searching for street musicians and then asks them to play his original music. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Tomaž Grom.

On our second music film evening, we will see Scent of Jazz, the only Slovene film that tells a story about the origin and development of Slovenian jazz. The story takes us back to the twenties and thirties of the 20th century, when economic development, urbanization and familiarity with trends in western society – through Hollywood films and gramophone records – led to the establishment of dance and entertainment orchestras. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Ana Kajzer, one of the screenwriters and also the film producer.

The third movie Misha and so on (Misha enzovoort) is about the Dutch composer, pianist and bandleader Misha Mengelberg, icon of European jazz, who has fallen under the shadow of dementia. A week together in London at the jazz club Vortex with ICP Orchestra (Instant Composers Pool) – the famous band that will play at this year Jazz Cerkno festival –, which will surely be his last performance abroad.