While this year’s program of live cultural events organized by the Jazz Cerkno Institution concluded with the screening of two musical films, at the end of the year, as usual, we are preparing some new discographic releases. Along with the two upcoming releases that will be released in the next two months in our discographic series Live at Jazz Cerkno, we would like to draw your attention to two international releases with recordings from our festival, which have been published by renowned labels this year.


The double album Awon Ona by the tandem Ingrid Schmoliner & Hamid Drake was released in July by the Austrian label Klanggalerie. The recordings on the first CD were made in 2020 at our friendly festival artacts, which takes place in St. Johann in Tirol, while concert performances of compositions by the Austrian pianist and the American drummer from the second CD were recorded the same year at the jubilee, 25th edition of the Jazz Cerkno festival. Our Institution is the co-producer of this edition, so you can purchase the recordings from the Cerkno performance on our bandcamp. Stef Gijssels, writing for the website freejazzblog gave four and a half stars to the album, which is an important document of the work of two musicians who very rarely perform together, and wrote: “Throughout this album, the listener is taken from one suprise to the next. The music is an unreal mix of structural and compositional cleverness, improvisational inventiveness and stylistic collision and harmony.”


Quite fresh – with the release date of November 30 – is the album Live in Cerkno by the international trio Fish Wool, which brings recordings from the 24th Jazz Cerkno in 2019. The album, released by the Polish label Fundacja Słuchaj, the Portuguese-Brazilian-Spanish trio (Susana Santos Silva, trumpet; Yedo Gibson, tenor and soprano saxophone; Vasco Trilla, drums) dedicated to the memory of Boštjan Cvek.



We will soon be releasing two albums at our label, which were recorded at this year’s 26th Jazz Cerkno festival. In the last week of December we will release the album by saxophonist Brina Kren, who founded the Crucial Encounters quintet for the Young Researchers IV program and performed the final concert of the music residency, which took place at our festival under the mentorship of Dre Hočevar for the fourth year. An album by the Slovenian-Italian More Low Than Low Quintet will follow in January next year. The band is comprised of three double bass players (Matjaž Bajc, Žiga Golob and Giovanni Maier) and two bass clarinetists (Mimo Cogliandro and Marco Colonna), who premiered their vision of inspired, low tones-powered music at our festival. Both albums will be released on CD.