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Zlatko Kaučič: Pogum pogumnih

(SI, IT)

julij 16 19:30

friday, july 16, at 7.30 pm
main stage

Zlatko Kaučič (music and conducting)
Tilen Kravos, Anton Lorenzutti, Ajk Vremec (el. guitar, effects), Timi Vremec (el. bass), Matjaž Bajc (double bass), Žiga Ipavec, Tomi Novak, Robi Erzetič (drums, percussion)
guests: Achille Succi (alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Ivan Pilat (baritone saxophone), Flavio Zanuttini (trumpet, effects)

Zlatko Kaučič, a veteran among Slovenian jazzers, is also known for his music school Zvočni izviri (Sound Sources), from which a series of ensembles with the common name Kombo (Kombo A, Kombo B, etc.) emerged. With Kombo C, some members of Kombo B, and guests, he has now started a new project Pogum pogumnih (The Bravery of the Brave), which plays his eponymous suite, dedicated to “extraordinary people like Greta Thunberg, anti-racism activists united in the Black Lives Matter movement, nurses/medical staff active in the global epidemiological Covid-19 crisis, the whistler Ivan Gale”. Kaučič’s new music suite, in which the author also incorporated sound samples, is musically complex, harmoniously provocative and at the same time energetic and reflexive. The ensemble will perform their piece for the first time at the festival in Cerkno.

Zlatko Kaučič is known for his numerous albums and ensembles, in which he has played with world-famous musicians such as Steve Lacy, Alexander Balanescu, Evan Parker or Peter Brötzmann. With one of such ensembles, the Kaučič / Parker / Léandre / Fernández quartet, he had a Slovenian premiere performance at our festival in 2018. A recording of the Cerkno concert of this ensemble, which was later renamed the Jubileum Quartet (in 2018 Kaučič celebrated the 40th anniversary of his music activity), was released on the album A Uiš ?, which was released by the esteemed Polish label Not Two Records. His new suite Pogum pogumnih (The Bravery of the Brave), which has not yet been released on the album, is dedicated to people who point out the “threatening injustices” of the society we live in. In his music, created last year as a reaction to the current political and health crisis, Kaučič has also included sound excerpts (samples) in which we will hear fragments of speeches by the environmentalist Greta Thunberg, the “whistleblower” Edward Snowden, as well as sounds from the events related to the brutal murder of George Floyd.

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julij 16
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