The discography list of Jazz Cerkno Records is getting bigger and bigger. The new album Žepi / Pockets features the music of drummer and percussionist Zlatko Kaučič and saxophonist and electronic musician Boštjan Simon. Both are extremely active and prolific musicians on the Slovenian and international scene, skilled not only in jazz idioms, but also in improvisation and experimentation. Although they have already collaborated or played in the same ensembles (Cerkno Jubileum Orchestra, Arkos Quintet), this album is their first discographic product recorded as a duo. They performed as a tandem for the first time in 2010 at the SaxGo festival in Nova Gorica. At that time, Kaučič used ground drums and sound objects, while Simon used a saxophone and Max-MSP software, with which he sampled the sound of the saxophone and drums in real time. According to Simon, together they “created a kind of room full of mirrors that reflect images”.

The duo’s debut album does not bring “mirrors”, but rather “pockets”, as the musicians called a series of expressionist musical sketches or mini improvisations. Žepi / Pockets is also the title of this new album, which was released on December 9 by Jazz Cerkno Records. During the recording, they decided not to develop improvisations into longer expressionistic clusters, but rather stayed with expositions of sound ideas. These lightning-fast, short and concise ideas are characterized by a different approach to sound each time. At one time, slightly distorted sounds are in the foreground, rising from slow motion to happy bubbling and overflowing, at another time, the two musicians are more direct and energetic, all fifteen sound adventure miniatures are characterized by an exceptional interaction and deeply felt performance. The opportunity to hear how their “haiku sound stories” sound live will be on Wednesday, December 28, 2022, at 8:00 p.m., at a concert in the Gromka club in Ljubljana. The album was released on CD, bandcamp and digital streaming platforms.