At Zavod Jazz Cerkno we round off this year’s varied events with the release of the debut album Sound fields by the international saxophone trio Triple Reed. The trio consists of established musicians from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia: Cene Resnik, Damir Capri Kafka and Jasna Jovićević, who recorded the material for the album in September at the IMPRONEDJELJAK / IMPROMONDAY III event in the Močvara club in Zagreb. Although the trio’s music is improvised, the musicianship is based on a carefully elaborated concept, within which the musicians reflect on their own role in mutual interaction. Through introspection and self-reflection, the saxophonists engaged in various mind/body/music-making practices that elicited diverse reactions, experiences, and insights, shedding light on new possibilities for understanding music improvisation in the present moment.

The concept for the project was conceived by the established Serbian composer, performer and researcher of artistic practices, Jasna Jovićević. She released six solo albums, published scientific studies and performed in Europe, the USA and Canada. She leads bands JJ Quinary, Jovićević/Miklos/Wojcinski Trio, ANJALI Trio, etc. Cene Resnik is one of the most active Slovenian jazzists of the middle generation. He releases albums on respected labels, such as Clean Feed, and collaborates with top international musicians such as Rob Mazurek, Torbjörn Zetterberg, Frank Rosaly, Tanja Feichtmair and Ab Baars. Damir Capri Kafka has been active on the Croatian improvised music scene for many years. In 2018, he performed at the Jazz Cerkno festival as a member of the Franz Kafka Ensemble. Since that very year, he organizes and curates the cycle of improvised music concerts IMPRONEDJELJAK / IMPROMONDAY. The Sound fields album was released on CD and digital streaming platforms.