Cene Resnik Free Stellar Trio + Rob Mazurek

Age of Chaos


Cene Resnik – tenor saxophone
Giorgio Pacorig – piano
Marko Lasič – drums
Rob Mazurek – piccolo trumpet


Recorded live at the 23rd Jazz Cerkno festival on 17th May 2018
Recording, mix and mastering by Borut Čelik
Produced by Cene Resnik and Jazz Cerkno
Production of this record was supported by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia
Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul
Design by Travassos
Released by Clean Feed Records, 2019

Cene Resnik Free Stellar Trio + Rob Mazurek: Age of Chaos

Jazz Cerkno continues to release albums with recordings of concerts performed at our festival. This time it’s not a new cd in the Live at Jazz Cerkno series, but rather a collaboration with the renowned Portuguese record label Clean Feed. Together, we have released Age of Chaos, the album by Cene Resnik Free Stellar Trio + Rob Mazurek. Last year, saxophonist Cene Resnik prepared an exclusive and premiere meeting of his new trio with famed American trumpeter Rob Mazurek, known for his Chicago Underground projects and Exploding Star Orchestra. Already when arranging the concert, the four musicians decided to release the recording as the debut of Resnik’s Free Stellar Trio, which also features Italian pianist Giorgio Pacorig and drummer Marko Lasič. The album has already been promoted at a concert at the Kino Šiška in Ljubljana on May 20th this year.

Resnik’s style is inspired by Buddhism, as he has been practising it for many years and incorporates its concepts into music, such as energy flow, mindfulness and spontaneity. In Resnik’s distinctive sound and style, which also reveal the influences of spiritual jazz, Mazurek made himself at home with his piccolo trumpet, providing extraterrestrial, ethereal and suggestive sounds. At the last year’s Cerkno concert, where the band played a single improvised composition, the audience was enthusiastic, and the same sentiment pervades the text on the label’s website when describing the mutual understanding of Resnik and Mazurek: “It’s a delight to watch how they interact together, seeming to escape their physical restraints to travel in the air with the waves of sound.” At Radio Študent, Brigita Gračner wrote in her album review “(…) the foursome relaxedly but carefully engaged in joint musicianship, which managed to capture the wave of spontaneous energy, which was then transfused through both gentler and more powerful swirling escapades, within which the band was constantly, and in a responsible way, opening up the space for soloist focussing.”

The album is available through the website of the Portuguese record label Clean Feed and is also on sale at the Bar Gabrijel in Cerkno.