At the Cerkno’s Keltika festival, we have prepared four summer concert nights with five ensembles coming from different corners – both geographically and musically … You will hear a great variety of music, from the Indian dance style bhangra through Slovene representatives of the new songwriting and chanson to the Hungarian folk music and Bosnian sevdah. We begin on Friday, July 13, when the Indian-American band Red Baraat will stop at Old Square and present the spectacular and danceable Indian bhangra. It is a dance style from Northern India, characterised by the Indian dhol drum and the supporting melodies played on brass instruments. Red Baraat combines bhangra with other styles, from funk to jazz and hiphop. They are considered a concert attraction, so their premiere Slovenian performance is not to be missed!! Exactly one week after that, on Friday, July 20, we are about to meet two rather unique Slovene bands, both of them writing a new chapter of poetry put to music of many genres. Brest feat. Vesna Zornik interpret lyrics by poet Kristina Kočan in a colorful genre mixture, from pop through blues to jazz and rock. The author of all the music and the leading instrumentalist of the band is guitarist Samo Šalamon. The lyrics of the band Orkestrada are written by singer Rada Kikelj Drašler, and experienced musicians from the band take care for luxuriously arranged music, knowingly borrowing from a variety of genres, from blues and chanson to jazz and psychedelia.

In August, we also have two concerts at Keltika. On Saturday, August 11, we will hear the Hungarian formation Viktória Havay and the Cápok, which plays juicy and energetic Hungarian folk music in a modern arrangements. The group is active for more than five years and has played at many concerts Hungary and all over Europe. The concert at the Cerkno Keltika festival will be something quite special, since the band is coming with two dancers who will liven up their performance. The last August and thus the last summer Keltika event will be the concert of the Bosnian attraction Divanhana, which plays luxurious orchestrated sevdalinkas and other Balkan music. The band, founded by students of the Sarajevo Academy of Music, will come to Cerkno with new songs from the fourth album Kardeş, marked by Turkish influences, as they recorded the album with a guest, Turkish singer and actress Suzan Kardeş. All concerts will be held at the Old Square (Star plac) starting at 9pm, and in case of rain, the venue will be covered. Get your tickets on time, in presale for € 5, as they will be cost two euros more on the day of the concert!