The album Res Publica, which was released by Jazz Cerkno Records on March 31, includes a recording of the opening concert of the 27th edition of the festival. Double bass player Robert Jukič presented his quartet and played a selection of compositions from the quartet’s two studio albums, Caminos de gloria (2021) and Izza (2022). With coordinated interplay and inspired solo excursions Jukič, trumpeter Tomaž Gajšt, saxophonist Boštjan Simon and drummer Kristijan Krajnčan demonstrated how full and dynamic a band can sound without a harmonic instrument. The extremely well-coordinated quartet showed off their inventive musicianship both in meditative ballads, which skilful musicians embellished with fine ornaments, as well as in more lively compositions with brilliant dialogues between the trumpeter and the saxophonist.

Within the quartet, Jukič mastered his dual role, as composer and band leader, when he set the concert in a different direction with a barely noticeable change in tone’s colour or rhythm. Although it was initially announced that the quartet would premiere the album Caminos de gloria at the concert, we also heard compositions from the album Izza, which was released just before the concert, as well as some new pieces not yet released. The only such composition on the present album is Psalm, which therefore has its premiere with the release of the Res Publica album. The quartet of well-known names of the Slovenian jazz scene has been working together for five years and during this time has created its own sound. In their own opinion, “Res Publica is an authentic document of the stage energy and development of the band and proof of the musicians’ mutual trust. The quartet remains raw, uncompromising, vulnerable and committed to walking the edge.” The album was released on CD and digital streaming platforms.