equilibrium as insta_bility

equilibrium as insta_bility


Brina Kren – alto saxophone
Oskar Longyka – violin
Lenart De Bock – tenor saxophone
Luka Poljanec – percussion
Tobija Hudnik – guitar


I. (the lowest common denominator)
III. (without special significance)
IV. (perplexity as ___) (The latency of cognition)
VII. (Epilogue)


All compositions by Tobija Hudnik
The music was created during the festival workshop Mladi raziskovalci III. / Young Researchers III. mentored by Dré A. Hočevar.
Recorded at the 25th Jazz Cerkno festival on 19th September 2020
Recorded by Iztok Zupan
Mix and mastering by David Darlington
Produced by Dré A. Hočevar
Design by Aljaž Košir
Liner notes by Gregor Pompe
Translation and proof reading by Nik Flegar
Live at Jazz Cerkno logo by Milan Erič
Released by PureZen Records and Jazz Cerkno Records in coproduction with .abeceda Institute.
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.
PureZen Records is a division of Porezen d.o.o, Cerkno, Slovenia.
Live at Jazz Cerkno is a series dedicated to releasing live recordings from the international festival Jazz Cerkno, Slovenia.

Music by Tobija Hudnik from the Young Researchers III. program now also on the album

One of the missions of the Jazz Cerkno festival is to encourage the creativity of not yet established Slovenian musicians. Among other things, we carry out this mission with the annual music residence Young Researchers, which takes place under the mentorship of Dré A. Hočevar. As part of the residency, younger musicians or students gather and – each time under the direction of another musician form the ensemble and prepare a concert program, which is then presented at our festival. This year, guitarist, composer and multimedia artist Tobija Hudnik performed with the band equilibrium as insta_bility. In addition to Hudnik, the ensemble also includes alto saxophonist Brina Kren, violinist Oskar Longyka, tenor saxophonist Lenart De Bock and percussionist Luka Poljanec.

Like previous concerts from the Young Researchers program (pianist Miha Gantar’s band, and code::source led by Gašper Livk), this year’s concert was released on the album in the series Live at Jazz Cerkno co-published by Jazz Cerkno and PureZen Records label. The liner notes for the album is provided by Gregor Pompe, a musicologist and lecturer at the Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts. This is how he described the band’s sound dynamics: “(…) the dialectic quintessence of the record resides in the interrelation between an overflowing musical burble of eternal restlessness and a static permanence, and the music springs forth from the pursuit of securing transitions between the two opposites, an equilibrium.” The equilibrium as insta_bility album is published on digital format and as physical CD on Friday, December 18, 2020 at https://jazzcerkno.bandcamp.com.


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