System 01: Presence


Gašper Livk (double bass, processing)
Brina Kren (alto saxophone)
Neža Zupanc (flute)
Filip Mozetič (drums)
Lenart de Bock (alto saxophone)
Leonard Medica Gregorič (guitar, processing)


01 Presence 8:00
02 Meta_ 9:47
03 Mind_ 6:53
04 Inverted 3:33
05 Re-Inverted 5:42
06 Mind_ II 1:06
07 Subconscious 2:13
08 Over and Above 0:44
09 Explicated 1:22
10 Present 6:20
11 Contracted 4:25


Compositions by Gašper Livk
The music was created during the festival workshop Mladi raziskovalci II / Young Researchers II mentored by Dré A. Hočevar.
Recorded at the 24th Jazz Cerkno festival on 18th May 2019
Recorded by Iztok Zupan
Mix and mastering by David Darlington
Produced by Dré A. Hočevar
Design and photography by Urška Preis
Liner notes by Gašper Livk and Brina Kren
Live at Jazz Cerkno logo by Milan Erič
Released by PureZen Records and Zavod Jazz Cerkno. Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.
PureZen Records is a division of Porezen d.o.o, Cerkno, Slovenia.
Live at Jazz Cerkno is a series dedicated to releasing live recordings from the international festival Jazz Cerkno, Slovenia.

code::source v seriji Live at Jazz Cerkno series

One of the missions of the Jazz Cerkno festival is to encourage the creativity of young musicians. To this end, for the second time, we conducted a workshop called Young Researchers, under the tutelage of Dré Hočevar. It is a program intended for already formed young musicians or students, who at the workshop form a band, prepare a concert program and perform it as part of our festival. Like last year’s concert, led by Miha Gantar, a recording of this year’s performance by code::source band, led by Gašper Livk, has been released both on CD and as download. Album System 01: Presence was released in the already well-established series Live at Jazz Cerkno, co-published by Jazz Cerkno and PureZen Records and with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

At the 2019 Jazz Cerkno Festival, under the program Young Researchers II, mentor Dré Hočevar selected the double bassist Gašper Livk as the curator of the ensemble, and he put together the code::source band, and wrote all the compositions. Born in 1993, Livk is concluding his master study of the double bass at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and works as Dré Hočevar’s assistant in various programs and workshops. He has appeared at festivals Darmstadt Ferienkurs Open Space, Klangspuren Schwaz, Borderless Dissonance, and Improcon. The code::source band, in addition to Livk, is comprised of alto saxophonist Brina Kren, flutist Neža Zupanc, drummer Filip Mozetič, alto saxophonist Lenart de Bock and guitarist Leonard Medica Gregorič, who, like Livk, also took care of electronic processing.

At the concert, the band presented concise and congruous music on the border between jazz and free improvisation, which proved that we have many young musicians who are not far behind the veterans in terms of music quality. After the premiere, the band performed at the Jazz Festival Ljubljana and at the Jazzinty in Novo mesto. The recording of the Cerkno concert has now been released on the System 01: Presence album, available in physical and download forms at, a platform for the festival’s concert recordings. This is our third album since last autumn; after the last year’s Subconscious.Rituals by the Miha Gantar quintet (also produced at the Young Researchers workshop), in May 2019 we also published, together with the renowned Portuguese record label Clean Feed, Age of Chaos by Cene Resnik Free Stellar Trio + Rob Mazurek.