IMPROCON – Heartful of music

Promo, Iztok Zupan

a series of movies about music

friday, december 6, at 7pm

The Magazin Gallery, Idrija; free admission 

Written and directed by:
Tea Grahek. Production: KUD Mreža, Slovenija, 2018. Duration: 51 min. English subtitles.


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+ concert

Jaz, Drevo (SI, HR, IT)

freeform jazz

Cene Resnik
Boris Janje (double bass)
Giovanni Maier (cello)


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This particular event of our Paglej! music film cycle will be quite special as the Slovenian documentary film will be presented and the screening will be followed by a freeform jazz concert. The movie IMPROCON - Heartful of music is a film about the Improcon Festival, more specifically about its 2017 edition. The following concert will be the presentation of Slovenian-Croatian-Italian trio Jaz, Drevo. Improcon is a kind of "festival in form of workshop", where many musicians from different countries meet, socialise, set up ad hoc ensembles and play music, or juxtapose music with other artistic expressions, such as dance or poetry. The film is "a visual story on Improcon 2017, about improvised music in general, and a certain vision of free-thinking"; it mixes musical performances with interviews and statements by festival participants. The festival, which took place at the Veliki tabor mansion in Desinići, Croatia, was attended by more than 70 artists from 18 countries. Director Tea Grahek initially started shooting a short promotional film to raise funds for the festival, but so much material was created that she decided to make a full-length documentary. The screening will be followed by a concert by the free jazz trio Jaz, Drevo which will present its debut Cycles and Lullabies (Palomar records, 2019). The recordings for the album were made at the February 2018 concert at Kranj’s Layerjeva hiša and were released by Giovanni Maier at his record label. “This less common jazz formation of cello, double bass and saxophone sounds very compact and rhythmically accurate; it is clear that all three are following the idea of being a single music organism whose members support and respect each other.”

The movie series is prepared in co-production with Idrija City Library.

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