Alma (AUT), (OD)Zven trenutka – Alja Petric feat. DrummingCellist (SLO)

Photo: Daliah Spiegel, Matjaž Wenzel, Urška Lukovnjak

saturday, november 24, at 9pm
Gabrijel, Cerkno
Tickets: 5 €


Alma (AUT)
strings attack on traditional and classical music

Julia Lacherstorfer (violin, vocal)
Evelyn Mair (violin, vocal)
Matteo Haitzmann (violin, vocal)
Marie-Theres Stickler (diatonic accordion, shruti box, vocal)
Sophie Abraham (cello, vocal)

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(OD)Zven trenutka – Alja Petric feat. DrummingCellist (SLO)
sound performance


Alja Petric (vocal, gongs, Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, flutes, drums, rattles, bells …)
Kristijan Krajnčan (cello, drums)


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We are about to host an unconventional, almost all-female Austrian band Alma, which received a series of prestigious awards for its inventive combination of traditional and classical music. Last year they received the prestigious German award for world music, named Festival-Ruth, which, as one of its four annual awards, is awarded by the biggest German folk festival Tanz- und Folkfest Rudolstadt. Alma, which has been working since 2011 and has published three albums, mixes classical music with diverse folk traditions, from Austrian through Scandinavian and Italian, to the Oriental ones. The musicians are experimenting with original forms, but they always remain faithful to the original spirit of individual songs. The compositions they play come from different corners of the world and are characterised with varied moods, from liveliness and mischievousness to seriousness and sadness.


Before the concert of the Austrian band, we will listen to a fresh domestic sound performance act by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Alja Petric, and cellist and drummer Kristijan Krajnčan. Under the common name (OD)Zven trenutka (which roughly translates as (RE)Sonance of the Moment), but with different co-musicians, Petric has been staging a series of performances to explore the basic building blocks of music, sound and silence. This time, she will be joined by Kristijan Krajnčan, who in recent years has been developing a quite unique project called DrummingCellist, where at the same time - and with a little help from electronics - he plays drums and cello, connecting jazz and classical music.


The concert was prepared with the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Ljubljana.

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