The Electrics

Axel Dörner: trumpet, electronics
Sture Ericson: saxophone, clarinet
Joe Williamson: double bass
Raymond Strid: drums

Already from the band's name it is obvious, as well from the musicians' names that we will be treated to an abundant dose of daring and unconventional music. Swedish-German-Canadian band The Electrics consists of Axel Dörner, Sture Ericson, Joe Williamson and Raymond Strid, all well-known from the leading projects of new and revolutionary sound practices (in the original line-up, the bass was played by a good acquaintance of our festival, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten). Their unique sound mass, full of continual shifts in pace and dynamics, is composed equally of melodic parts and unconventional soundings. The latter are produced with extended playing techniques, such as the sound of crackling, muted sounds, noise, use of electronics, or percussive playing on the wind instruments.

The Electrics
video 1
video 2

Axel Dörner
Sture Ericson
Joe Williamson
Raymond Strid

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