New album in Live at Jazz Cerkno series

Jazz Cerkno, in cooperation with PureZen Records, presents a new album in Live at Jazz Cerkno discography series. The first album from this series, The White Pebbles, was released in 2014 by the Milko Lazar quartet (or, rather, his alter-ego, Razal Oklim Quartet). Now the album Subconscious.Rituals has been released, a recording of the final concert of a musical workshop under the title Young Researchers I. held at this year's festival. This kind of creative program, which will now be a permanent part of the festival, is intended for already formed young musicians or students, and the festival concert is the first step in the longer-term activity of the band that was formed at our festival. This year, the program Young Researchers, designed and led by Dré Hočevar, was created by alto saxophonist Luka Zabric, baritone saxophonist Jasna Kolar, cellist Urban Megušar, trumpeter Jan Lovšin and the leader of the band, pianist Miha Gantar, who is also the author of the title composition on the single track album

Miha Gantar (1997) is a pianist and composer studying jazz piano at the Institute of Jazz at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. In addition to the Jazz Cerkno Festival, he has performed at the Jazz Festival Ljubljana, Sonica, Jazzinty and the Jazz Festival Copenhagen. Apart from the Subconscious.Rituals quintet, he also leads his trio and is a member of the Container Doxa audiovisual collective.

"The Young Researchers Program, through intergenerational integration, enables selected individuals to create an original musical work and present it as a part of the Jazz Cerkno festival program." This is how Dré Hočevar described the purpose of this program. After several days of preparation and exercises, the quintet played a concert at the Music School in Cerkno - the musicians played nearly one-hour long concert in one piece and carefully developed an inspired free exchange of ideas that are now published on the album.

"Despite its complex transitions, the composition is characterised by a certain shyness and refrains from drifting into summery excess. On the other hand, it is not concocted from a plethora of established expressions, approaches, and techniques typically at the core of improvisational music." (from the liner notes by Luka T. Zagoričnik)

In December 2018, the Subconscious.Rituals album was released as CD and in digital format at Bandcamp site; the latter will be a platform for the festival's concert recordings. At you can listen to the album and buy it in digital format, and through Bandcamp you will also be able to purchase physical CDs. In the future, the Jazz Cerkno Institution, in cooperation with the PureZen Records label, will continue to publish festival concerts, especially by young Slovenian musicians who will partake in the Young Researchers program. Occasionally, we will also surprise jazz fans with an album of well-known musicians, which will be released in cooperation with an established foreign record label.

PAGLEJ cycle of films about music - autumn series

The autumn series of the PAGLEJ cycle, brought to you in co-production of Zavod Jazz Cerkno and the Idrija City Library, will bring three films, which tackle very diverse phenomena both from Slovenian and international music scene. On the big screen we will follow the story of the cult band Laibach's first album, pop icon Grace Jones's musical biography, and to listen to the unconventional music-film event by Bratko Bibič, with a live accompaniment of film images.

We will start our autumn series of music films in September with Music is the Art of Time 3 – LP film LAIBACH, which documents the creation of first Laibach's album in 1985. Through the featured parts and interviews with band members, as well as with many connoisseurs of the band's activity, the film by director Igor Zupe and screenwriter Igor Bašin "unfolds the strategy and tactics of Laibach and Laibach Kunst in the first half of the 1980s". The screening will be followed by a discussion with the members of the movie team.

October will bring Sophie Fiennes's film Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami which follows Grace Jones both at her stage performances and in intimate moments, such as Jones' family visit to Jamaica. Fiennes had been accompanying Jones for five years at her concerts all over the world, in the backstage, and we also get to know the singer as a lover, daughter, mother, grandmother and business woman.

In November, we will present a delicacy within our cycle Paglej - a live musical accompaniment of the film From Blacksmith to Miner. Bratko Bibič, Eduardo Raon and Vid Drašler, all good acquaintances from our festivals, will play and improvise to the collage of selected segments of five contemporary dance movies, shot between 1995 and 2014 following the ideas of choreographer and dancer Iztok Kovač in the production of the EN-KNAP Institute.

Lively music at the summer Keltika Festival

At the Cerkno's Keltika festival, we have prepared four summer concert nights with five ensembles coming from different corners - both geographically and musically ... You will hear a great variety of music, from the Indian dance style bhangra through Slovene representatives of the new songwriting and chanson to the Hungarian folk music and Bosnian sevdah. We begin on Friday, July 13, when the Indian-American band Red Baraat will stop at Old Square and present the spectacular and danceable Indian bhangra. It is a dance style from Northern India, characterised by the Indian dhol drum and the supporting melodies played on brass instruments. Red Baraat combines bhangra with other styles, from funk to jazz and hiphop. They are considered a concert attraction, so their premiere Slovenian performance is not to be missed!! Exactly one week after that, on Friday, July 20, we are about to meet two rather unique Slovene bands, both of them writing a new chapter of poetry put to music of many genres. Brest feat. Vesna Zornik interpret lyrics by poet Kristina Kočan in a colorful genre mixture, from pop through blues to jazz and rock. The author of all the music and the leading instrumentalist of the band is guitarist Samo Šalamon. The lyrics of the band Orkestrada are written by singer Rada Kikelj Drašler, and experienced musicians from the band take care for luxuriously arranged music, knowingly borrowing from a variety of genres, from blues and chanson to jazz and psychedelia.

In August, we also have two concerts at Celtic. On Saturday, August 11, we will hear the Hungarian formation Viktória Havay and the Cápok, which plays juicy and energetic Hungarian folk music in a modern arrangements. The group is active for more than five years and has played at many concerts Hungary and all over Europe. The concert at the Cerkno Keltika festival will be something quite special, since the band is coming with two dancers who will liven up their performance. The last August and thus the last summer Keltika event will be the concert of the Bosnian attraction Divanhana, which plays luxurious orchestrated sevdalinkas and other Balkan music. The band, founded by students of the Sarajevo Academy of Music, will come to Cerkno with new songs from the fourth album Kardeş, marked by Turkish influences, as they recorded the album with a guest, Turkish singer and actress Suzan Kardeş. All concerts will be held at the Old Square (Star plac) starting at 9pm, and in case of rain, the venue will be covered. Get your tickets on time, in presale for € 5, as they will be cost two euros more on the day of the concert!


We announce release of the new album, recorded at 21. Jazz Cerkno festival.


Georg Grawe (piano)
Mark Sanders (drums)


Album is available in the online shop of Confront Recordings

Zlatko Kaučič & Cerkno Jubileum Orchestra: Zvočni sejalec

The label Klopotec has released an album Zvočni sejalec of Cerkno Jubileum Orchestra, which was formed especially for the last year's Jazz Cerkno 20th anniversary. The Cerkno concert recordings are available in the online shop of Klopotec label.

This large modern jazz big band was formed especially for the last year's Jazz Cerkno 20th anniversary. The orchestra plays a vivacious modern jazz, and their intricate compositions are marked with avantgarde arrangements and ferocious execution. Their music program under the title Zvočni sejalec (The Sower of Sound) is dedicated to Boštjan Cvek, the late co-founder and longtime director of the Jazz Cerkno festival.

Zlatko Kaučič has formed this ensemble from his Orchester Without Borders / Orchestra Senza Confini, which was restructured and renamed especially for concert at Jazz Cekno festival. In this large modern big band there are some of the most successful young Slovenian jazz musicians and renowned Italian musicians, mostly from Gorizia artistic association DobiaLab.

PAGLEJ - a series of movies about music

Jazz Cerkno Institute in co-production with Idrija Movie Theatre starts a series of movies about music named PAGLEJ, which will feature both documentary and feature movies that illuminate less well-known music practices or throw a new light on already known sound phenomena.

The introductory film Šum Balkana comes from Slovenia and follows our prominent double bass player, composer, organiser of numerous musical and multimedia events and improviser Tomaž Grom on his travels across the Balkans. Accompanied with a team of cameramen and technicians, Grom has travelled to different cities of the former Yugoslavia (and also Albania, searching for street musicians and then asks them to play his original music. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Tomaž Grom.

On our second music film evening, we will see Scent of Jazz, the only Slovene film that tells a story about the origin and development of Slovenian jazz. The story takes us back to the twenties and thirties of the 20th century, when economic development, urbanization and familiarity with trends in western society - through Hollywood films and gramophone records - led to the establishment of dance and entertainment orchestras. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Ana Kajzer, one of the screenwriters and also the film producer.

The third movie Misha and so on (Misha enzovoort) is about the Dutch composer, pianist and bandleader Misha Mengelberg, icon of European jazz, who has fallen under the shadow of dementia. A week together in London at the jazz club Vortex with ICP Orchestra (Instant Composers Pool) – the famous band that will play at this year Jazz Cerkno festival –, which will surely be his last performance abroad.

Lazro/McPhee: The Cerkno Concert

We announce release of the new album, recorded at 21. Jazz Cerkno festival.

The Cerkno Concert: Music for legendary heroes

Daunik Lazro (baritone and tenor saxophones)
Joe McPhee (saxophones, pocket trumpet)

Thanks to Iztok Zupan for live recording this album at Jazz Cerkno festival, for mastering and release at Klopotec label.
Thanks to Nicola Guazzaloca for beautiful album art.
Special thanks to legendary heroes Daunik Lazro and Joe McPhee, played at Jazz Cerkno festival 2016.

Album is available in the online shop of Klopotec label.

Godbe. Gibke. Grčaste. Grapaste. Gričaste. Gabrijelaste. (exhibition)

from May 15 to July 15
documentary exhibition

Twenty years of jazz - and much more - in Cerkno

The Cerkno Museum. Exhibition opening on May 15, at 7. p.m. Opening hours during the festival from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Through written, visual and other documents and objects (photos, leaflets, posters, T-shirts, audio and video recordings) the documentary exhibition celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the festival will illustrate the history of music events in Cerkno, with an emphasis on festivals Keltika and Jazz Cerkno. The guerilla-like exhibition team broke through endless kilometers of archives and came out with a unique dramaturgy. The exhibition expands through three rooms, including an intimate living room where you can listen to recordings from previous festival editions. The exhibition will paint the image of the awesome Cerkno specialty which earned our town a great reputation in the world of jazz. Next to the museum, other locations in Cerkno will host the exhibition, taking you by surprise in shop windows, display cases, the hotel etc.

The accompanying exhibition was designed by Marko A. Kovačič, Milojka Magajne and Miha Zadnikar. The exhibition was organised by the museum Mestni Muzej Idrija and Zavod Jazz Cerkno.

The Cerkno Museum opening hours:
from Tuesday to Friday: 9 a.m.–3 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 10 a.m.–1 p.m. and 2 p.m.–6 p.m

BOŠTJAN CVEK (1964–2015)

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Boštjan Cvek, the Jazz Cerkno and Keltika festivals co-founder and spiritus movens. After a short severe illness he passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family, wife Renata and daughters Monika and Manca.

Despite the disease, he was dedicated to music until the last moments. Last year, he successfully organized the 19th edition of the Jazz Cerkno festival as well as completed the program for this year's 20th anniversary festival.

We will miss his kind-heartedness in everyday communication and perseverance, with which he brought to small Cerkno the world's and Slovenian biggest names of jazz and other creative music. The festival team will continue with organizing the festival and other events in the spirit of Bostjan's enthusiasm and professionalism.

Jazz Cerkno team


Cerkno, 12th July 2013

A few impressions from the excellent concert of Trio Balkan Strings. Link
Photographer: Marko Serafimović. 


Cerkno, 26th June 2013

photo: Jože Svetičič

photo: Jože Svetičič

photo: Jože Svetičič


Cerkno, 12th July 2013

Rock band from Cerkno Tequila Band will celebrate their 20th anniversary on Saturday 13th July with a big concert that will be held in Cerkno Old Square. At this special event they'll also present  two new songs!
The concert starts at 9.30 pm. DJ Sakin will follow with a celebration music mix. 

Jazz Cerkno and Festival Keltika on National TV Slovenia

Cerkno, 27th June 2013

TV show Poletna scena presented a short report about the concert of group Uršula Ramoveš in Fantje z Jazbecove grape. Link

On Saturday (29th June) at 22:10 music TV show Aritmija (TVS2) will present a review of the 18th Jazz Cerkno.

Kindly invited to watch!


Cerkno, 29. maj 2013

photo: Jože Svetičič

photo: Jože Svetičič

photo: Jože Svetičič

photo: Jože Svetičič

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