Cerkno: 2.000
Surroundings: 3.100

The region of Cerkno lies between the Alpine and the Karst-Coastal regions in the western part of Slovenia.

Area covered:
 131,30 km2

The town Cerkno (324 m above sea level) is the centre of the hilly region in the west of Slovenia. It lies in the valley of the river Cerknica at the foothills of the Porezen (1,630 m high), the mountain on the border between Primorska and Gorenjska regions, not far away from the Julian Alps' range. Along the valleys of the rivers Soča and Idrijca there comes the Mediterranean climatic influence, so the climate is fairly mild despite the adjacent mountains. The region certainly does belong to the wider Primorska region.
The region boasts its unspoilt natural environment with picturesque small villages on the slopes, on plateaus and in the valleys throughout the region. Here you have countless possibilities for short trips, for active holidays to spend and for sightseeing - there are numerous sights of natural and cultural heritage to be visited and admired.
About four km from Cerkno there is the Pasice gorge where the true symbol of Slovene resistance movement health-care, persistence and humanity, Franja Partisan Hospital, was located. The hospital has been nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Not far away from Cerkno there is the world-famous archaeological site, the cave Divje babe, hidden in the steep slope above the Idrijca valley. In the cave the oldest musical instrument in the world - the Neanderthal bone flute - was found. The bone flute was made by a Neanderthal and its age is estimated at 55,000 years. It is also depicted on post stamps.
In the winter time you are warmly welcome to visit Ski center Cerkno, one of the best equipped and family-friendly ski resorts in Slovenija. Cerkno with its vicinity is very attractive to visitors during the whole year. The hills, valleys and villages in the region offer you an unlimited choice of daily walking or cycling tours. Anywhere you decide to go, you will find points of interest, marvellous viewpoints, monuments and other sights of natural and cultural heritage, or simply make a stop at one of the tourist farms, inns or pubs that you run into. More information about the region is available on the website of the Local Tourist Office - LTO LAUFAR Cerkno.
Various activities and sports offer is also provided by Hotel Cerkno***, which offers attractive accommodation packages.
Only about thirty kilometres away from Cerkno there is the magnificent valley of the river Soča, stretching from Bovec , Kobarid and Tolmin all the way to the Adriatic Sea, which is about an hour and a half drive away from us.
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